BlogNet — About Us & EULA

  • BlogNet is a free blog service provided by Storm-9-Net

    • Storm-9-Net (also known as S9N) was established in 2001 as a Technical Services consultancy network, located in Little Rock, Arkansas.
      • S9N — Graphics Development & Artistic Services  (Blender, Unity, Daz Studio, GIMP)
      • Storm-9-Net — Technical Consulting & Referral Services; virtual-hosting for personal/individual websites, blogs, email/webmail, and chat services.
        • Storm-9-Net uses Digital Ocean as it’s offsite hosting provider, to provide non-stop service 24/7/365 for its web, email and DNS services to ensure as close to 100% uptime as technically possible while maintaining a secure, well managed environment.
        • All software employed in our hosting solutions relies on Linux and a great number of open source software suites that have each been carefully tuned to provide the most robust performance and capability, all in an effort to empower our users while keeping operating costs as low as possible.
      • BlogNet — S9N’s blogging & media-gallery hosting platform, powered by Linux, Apache, WordPress (auto-updated for security) and loads of great add-ons that result in a powerful self-publishing platform.

  • Access to BlogNet is GeoIP restricted to the following nations:  United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
    • All access to this site and its child-sites is private.
      • All IP addresses are logged for debugging & security purposes exclusively.
      • No personally identifying data is (or ever will be) required to use this site.
      • While we won’t filter anyone’s Blog that’s hosted here, use some basic common sense –don’t create any blog or page or posting that’s going to draw heat onto our community that results in us having to defend the creator or shut-down.  Any blog that is deemed by our staff of moderators to be malicious in nature, or appears within reasonable doubt to be a spam-site, will be suspended along with it’s creator and then both deleted after a time period of the admin’s choosing –usually the next maintenance cycle.
    • All BlogNet sites are for personal use only –NO COMMERCIAL/BUSINESS pages are allowed here.
      This is without exception.  Anyone attempting to use BlogNet as a platform to sell anything will be immediately and permanently banned from BlogNet.
      ** Please note:  We’re not doing this to be controlling –we simply don’t have the space nor available bandwidth to run that sort of operation on our primary servers, but will be more than happy to help someone find a solution that will fit their needs. **
    • Tor will likely fail due to GeoIP restrictions, unless you restrict your exit nodes to the nations listed above.

  • For technical assistance, please contact –please allow up to 1 week for processing of your request, as this site is administered by 1 person that works a very busy career and may not see your request within the first 72 hours of receipt.
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